Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster : Expected more for £25

Like all sandwich makers you have to be a little careful about how you fill the sandwich and you need to find a bread that suites the plate size but this breville works well if you adhere to the sandwich guide that is inside when you open the machine. The removable plates make cleaning very easy, as does the new raised hinge design, so you can’t get melted cheese into the hinge like the older brevilles. Heats up very quickly and looks very smart on the counter top. I just wish breville would make the electric cord longer.

This is a very very nice toaster. Green light becomes amber when the sandwich is ready and you can remove it if you prefer normal grill but if you want crispy grilled, just leave it in for a few minutes more and the entire sides turn nice crispy and crunchy. Can put in a decent amount of filling tootesco toastie slice can be too big (but there is no problem if you use the toastie, you will simply have more crispy crust to munch on). Hovis medium white slice fits perfectly. All in all i really like toaster. Easy to wipe clean, the plates come off easily.

Great toast ines, but you need large, thick slices to adequately fill the trays or the filling leaks. The heating elements are uneven and the centre of the double tray cooks. A lot quicker than the outsides, although this can be alleviated by a ten minute warm up time before use. There is also a tendency for leakage into the element area below the bottom plate if filled generously. It also makes great omelettes with half a beaten egg into each section.

Best toastie machine i’ve had yet. Very well built and brilliantly designed, the plates are removable and dishwasher proof making life a lot easier. These are also deep fill and don’t leak. Usually the filling gets into the back of the machine and with this toaster it can’t. Would definitely recommend over any other similar product as this has been the bey i’ve had and i’ve been through a few.

  • Brilliant and a must buy
  • Great sandwich toaster and more!
  • Excellent machine

Breville VST041 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster, Stainless Steel – Silver

  • Breville’s deepest fill sandwich toaster
  • Easy release, removable, dishwasher-safe removable plates. Cut & Seal system for perfect toasties
  • Breville cut and seal system for two toasties
  • Accomodates large and small slices. Allows for different sizes of bread
  • Stands upright for compact storage

I have loved toasted sarnies for many a year but oh help the clean up. This is why so many finish up at the back of the least used kitchen cupboard never to see the light of day again (poor things) the removable plates have put paid to this problem and the good old toastie is reborn.Before buying i read many reviews some of which complained about deposits left in the dishwasher as these plates are dishwasher safe. I would argue that the non stick promise is very true to its word and as long as you follow the instructions there is so no need to put them in there. A very quick wash in the sink is more than enough to clean these little babies. What’s up with you all, a tiny bit of hand washing too much for you?. Anyway can you do an omelette it as promised?. Gorgeous little parcels of whatever you want to add as your filling but don’t overdo it (as i did on first go) as it can bubble over the sides if you do but even taking this into account clean up is a doddle. The worst aspect of cleaning has always been that groove along the back, could i ever get that properly clean after a few toasties?. But the removable plates have a lip edge that encloses that area so no growing crusty build up has a hope of developing. I am very pleased with this and would buy another anytime.

After several very disappointing sandwich makers (some very expensive – some cheap) i have given another one a go (thanks to the kids nagging me for ages). I am very impressed by the quality of this one, it toasted fantastic even with only the lightest spreading of marge. Nearly 2 months on it still looks and works great, so much so that i have bought the (rather overpriced) waffle plates. Very impressed by these ,too, they work brilliant (even for oat waffles). I was a little worried about a toaster with removable plates, but it actually makes cleaning so much easier, and i really used to hate this part. Great buy and i would definitely recommend this sandwich maker.

Removable plates that we can throw in the dishwasher makes for a sandwich maker that doesn’t end up a greasy mess in the cupboard. It’s deep fill isn’t hugely different to most i’ve seen, so it does still dribble a bit of cheese if you get carried away, but it’s slightly better, so still a feature worth having. Otherwise it’s shape is also a plus, most of these seem to be into wide curves, that aren’t particularly cupboard friendly, and this one seems to have actually been designed by someone who owns a kitchen cupboard.

Sod going to the moon, this is one of the best uses of technology to date by the human race. Perfect results each and every time. Breville aren’t joking when they say deep fill – in a ‘normal’ toastie machine the filling would be all over the place, but is all contained with this machine. The plates are very easy to take in and out, and clean very well. Combined with the waffle plates this machine is dual purpose – makes amazing waffles, but be sure to read the manual, and don’t click it shut. I’ve found completely covering the bottom plate (only just) and leaving to cook for around 8 minutes makes the perfect waffles.

Although it appears well made with removable plates etc etc. I am very disappointed at the speed or rather lack of that it takes to a) heat up in readiness to cook, and b) the length of time it takes to cook even the most basic of filling ie cheese. I waited for a good ten minutes to cook one of these and the bread was barely a pale brown let alone toasted. Not a toaster for making a quick tasty snack.

Not as good as the 4 slice toaster breville made a few years ago and have stopped selling. So now you get 2 rounds for the same price almost as the 4 round maker. However the plates come out to wash which is a massive bonus and i love breville sandwich makers.

Over the moon with this sandwich maker. I have brought several cheap and dear ones since my old one packed up (had it 15 years) and they have all been rubbish. Either didn’t seal the sandwich, didn’t cut it or didn’t toast it properly. This breville sandwich toaster does it all. You can get plenty of filling in the sandwich, it seals, cuts and evenly toasts the sandwich. It also has removable heating plates which can be put in the dishwasher making cleaning so much quicker and easier. If your looking for a toasting sandwich maker then look no further, great value and highly recommend.

Bought this as a replacement for one that we got from lidl or aldi a couple of years ago for about £12, which worked well, but was difficult to clean. Fair enough, the removable plates make this one easy to keep clean, but otherwise it is no better than the cheap one. A normal piece of sliced bread sticks out at the side and the “deep fill” is no deeper than the last one and the finished product is no better either. Definitely over priced and over hyped.

My last sandwich toaster was a ‘waring’, and lived up to its deep fill claim, you could certainly pack it with more filling than this one allows. Wish i’d gone for waring again this time.

I wanted to give this four stars just because i’ve been on a toastie bender for the last three weeks with no sign of stopping, but it really deserves five. Easy to clean – fits well in the plate spaces of my dishwasher. Deep fill – will take a good selection of fillings, including a serious amount of cheese and pickle. Bread size – fits warburtons medium sliced bread with a small bit of overhang. Not much to fault it, but i’ll continue to put it under serious toastie pressure until i get sick of toasties and report back if anything changes.

Big plus is the removable parts to wash. But at the end of the day it is still the same. If you overfill, expect t to spill over the cable and hinges and all the parts difficult to clean. The non stick does appear to be more robust than any i have ever had before. Still a bit torn on price and use and the cleaning issues that are still present.

I bought this one for my parents, as i have had my own one of these that i bought 6 months ago. It is very sturdy, fits plenty of filling in and if you follow their instructions of leaving a gap around the edge of the fillings, it doesn’t leak at all. Very easy to clean, plates are removable but mostly i just wipe down with damp kitchen towel while it’s still warm, that works fine most of the time, i take them out and give them a good wash every so often. Slightly plastic smell the first few uses, but it didn’t affect the taste of the sandwiches at all. Clip is sturdy and it is easy enough to close unless you have loads of filling in there.

Omg, this is the daddy of sandwich toasters. I have experienced a several more cost-effective supermarket versions in the previous and been let down with the results. This breville is the bees knees, effortless to use, will take total slices of bread, cuts them properly and you can increase a good deal of components. The heating plates pop out for quick cleaning, not that i have had to do so. A brief wipe is all i have had to do. This manufactured a pair of perfect cheese, ham and tomato toasted beauties with relieve. Included to that i purchased the evening right before and it was shipped in an amazon locker inside twelve several hours, my lunchtime snack has attained new heights. I can not fault it, durable great seeking, excellent worth. If your heading to purchase a sandwich toaster, then acquire this 1, at underneath £25 it is way too excellent to pass up.

My mothers and fathers experienced just one of these about thirty yrs ago and i have no notion where by it went, but i have been with out just one for at minimum fifteen many years. Lately i was reminiscing about how substantially i skipped toasted cheese and ham sandwiches and remembered how great they tasted when i had a breville sandwich toaster. So with a rapid look for on amazon i came across this little beauty for only £18. 93it arrived two times later and that evening i received it out of its box, go through the easy directions and received to work in knocking up 2 sandwiches. 4 mintues afterwards they popped out piping scorching and absolutely delicious. Oh it purchased back some wonderful tasting reminiscences of my childhood. In essence, they have not improved that substantially about all these years, except now you can get rid of the hot plates conveniently and area them in your dishwasher. I’m really delighted i bought this, and it will get quite a few decades of use – and on a normal basis.

Deep crammed toasted sandwiches are excellent, even extra so when you can fit them into the sandwich toaster. Help save oneself the stress of getting the more cost-effective designs and splash the additional on this. You will not have to squash the toaster down to in shape anything inside of, as opposed to the much less expensive toasters whereby anything at all thicker than a number of millimetres wants the pounds of an elephant to close the latch. The internals appear aside so they can be easily washed (so no much more outdated encrusted cheese stuck around the edges – nicely unless you like that kind of factor and despise cleansing).

Pros:1) i enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, and this is much less difficult than the oven. Disadvantages:1) not really ‘deep fill’. two slices of medium lower bread, 2 additional slender slices of cheese, and 50 % a tomato sliced into four skinny slices is as well thick for this factor. I can not clamp it down – the clasp usually prevents me from closing it and the ‘snap’ function normally clips my hand. two) the plates are not that effortless to cleanse. The crevices implies they never ever dry thoroughly, even in the dishwasher. Also these white marks/places kind all more than. three) will take pretty a lengthy time to warmth up.

Will make pretty great toasted sandwiches, but just make absolutely sure you get the tiny white sliced bread or cut down and eliminate the crusts from the medium sliced loaves. Try out to placement the slices away from the exterior edge of the toaster and press them towards the center. Never over fill the sandwich. 3 thinnish slices of cheddar cheese and sliced onion will work properly. Other fillings do the job just as nicely. Also i uncover it helps to wipe the plates with kitchen area towel in advance of carrying out a second batch so that there is not to a great deal residue distribute left to make the subsequent batch soggy. I have experimented with many more affordable variations over the yrs and this is for me the best so much.

Very well it can make a fair toasted sandwich but i wouldn’t say they have been any deeper filled than a extremely aged sandwich toaster i applied to own – i can’t definitely see exactly where the ‘deep fill’ declare will come from. The initially a single it tried using leaked melted cheese which poured down the aspect of the toaster and onto the worktop and i did not actually think i had place all that considerably cheese inthe non-stick plates are really simple to remove, wash and replace and they can go into the dishwasher (but they are simple to clean by hand also). In my working experience the toaster requires all-around five minutes to heat up to the correct temperature (when a light-weight will come on) so i just make guaranteed that i change it on before i begin to get ready the sandwich. I have located that you have to have to get a quite sq. loaf of bread to make the best sandwiches – the slightly a lot more rectangular types result in the major 1cm staying outdoors the heated place and hence not toasted. I have also uncovered that you have to press down very challenging on the lid to make the toaster close – i haven’t had any challenges with the clip that locks the prime and bottom together whilst it toasts nonetheless but it does not experience all that sturdy. The toaster comes with an instruction handbook that also has a several recipe thoughts. It also indicates that the best toastie involves the outside of the bread to be buttered and this has been my practical experience way too – it goes a lot crispier. You can also get interchangeable waffle plates for this toaster which would make it a a lot more functional bit of kitchen kit i suppose.

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