Breville VST077 2-Slice Sandwich Toaster : VST077 2-slice Sandwich Toaster

A little small for a standard slice of bread.

This is a really smart product, well made and very functional too. The glossy red coating is nice, i think it’s a very thin metal wrapping, and on on the back of the hinge is a foot so the unit can be stored upright, which makes storing a lot easier, especially as the foot is also used as a peg to wrap the lead around, making it tidy. The toaster is designed so as to minimise mess too, because there aren’t any deep crevices which would collect crumbs and various other bits of fallen fillings, so anything that does make its way down is easily wiped off with minimal effort. The ceramic plates are a new one on me, and they heat up just as quickly as the old non-stick ones in my ancient sandwich toaster. The orange power light flicks on and the green light turns on when the plates are hot. It heated incredibly evenly and cooked the same, with a nice colouring to the bread. The cushioned moulds partition the sandwiches into nice little packages too. Overall this is definitely going to be a mainstay in my kitchen, because it looks smart, stores so easily and, most importantly, makes brilliant sandwiches.

Love this, very easy to use and clean. My only issue is that it will only take small slices of bread otherwise it will come out at the sides.

Gets alarmingly hot on the exterior, burnt my finger almost as soon as i had turned it on just accidentally brushing against it. Need to cut off the crusts as the toasting areas are extremely small, i have to toast two sandwiches to equate to one i get in the refectory. Wipes clean ok if you do it quickly after using, the plates are unfortunately not removeable. Heat up and ready lights are helpful. Smart to look at and stands tidily.

  • Simple and better than the Original
  • Too small but works OK
  • Breville VST077 2-slice Sandwich Toaster

Breville VST077 2-Slice Sandwich Toaster, Black

  • Gloss Black and Brushed Stainless Steel finish – makes up to 2 Toasted Sandwiches at one time
  • Breville Cut & Seal system for perfect toasties
  • Non-stick plates for easy cleaning
  • Easy to store – stands upright and includes cord storage
  • Power-on and ready to cook indicator lights

Slightly smaller than i thought it would be.

Brilliant toastie maker, quick and easy to use and clean.

I had been fancying a toasted ham sandwich for ages, so found this one. It seals the bread perfectly and is delicious, however, i do have a gripe. That my slices of bread (just normal supermarket bread) slices were far too big to fit in, so i will have to trim it next time.

Bought as a present for my grandchildren.

I love toasted sandwiches, and breville is the rolls royce of sandwich makers. Well made and reliable, they seem to go on for years and years – if properly looked after, of course. This is lighter model than the first ones which came out, if i remember correctly, back in the 1970sif you’re new to these they’re quite simple to use – there is an instruction booklet with one or two sandwich ideas. Apparently pastry can be used instead of bread, but i’ve never tried it. A red light appears on the top of the machine, a green light comes on when it’s hot enough to use. My personal favourite is cheese and onion on granary bread, beans and marmite are a close second. This model in bright red and silver is a colourful addition to my kitchen,but i actually tuck it away in a cupboard when not in use. I do tend to use them more in winter for a quick, hot lunch. The plates are non-stick, so use non-metal utensils, and a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep it clean – unless, like me, you tend to overfill and need a bit more than a quick wipe. Finally the cord tidy on the back of the toaster allows it to neatly stored. This is a super sandwich toaster and well worth the money.

Very pleased with it not stopped using it.

Back to the 80’s with this one. Proper old school where you have to cut the crusts off the bread. Reading reviews of other sandwich toasters, people complain they can’t get bread big enough to fit. No problem – just buy this sandwich toaster instead and rewind to retro.

Really good product – heats up very quickly, only down side is that a slice of bread is too big, i find i have to cut the crusts off before putting it in the machine, but then again with my last one i cut the crusts off after it came out.

Brevile makes good and not so good products (imo) and this falls into the not so good list. Well to begin with, in use this toaster can get very hot to the touch, which is never a good sign of a well designed product. The idea of how it works etc is fine, it’s just the way the designers have left out important considerations – such as, as just mentioned, the chance of burning your fingers. Another ‘flaw’ is the fact that the cooking plates are not removable and can be awkward to clean properly – the groove around the edge is almost impossible to keep clean (bits of melted cheese seem to gravitate into these inaccessible places). The ‘sealing’ of the sandwich idea is great, but be warned, if you like, for example cheese and tomato toasties (like me), the tomato tends to remain very hot, thus making it far to easy to burn your mouth. On the good side is the fact that it is quite a small machine that takes up little room and is lightweight enough to be easily handled. For me a far far better option is the breville vst026. This has easy to clean flat plates and the machine itself has lots of others uses too. But for this, only three stars i’m afraid.

Unsure what strange pattern on finished article, is this for two small pieces of bread or one big one????.

Cuts , cleans and cooks better than my previous breville classic. The plates are slightly shallower than the scalloped classic ones i think, but means the sandwiches slide off more easily.

Would make wonderful, sealed toasties.

As a teen increasing up in the late 70s and on to uni in the 80s i lived off toasted sandwiches, thanks to an early iteration of the breville sandwich maker. Despite the fact that it multiplied my culinary repetoire no finish, it did have its restrictions, you couldn’t put substantially filling in (normally cheese and something) but you invariably did, and the ensuing escapee cheese would weld alone to hinges and down the sides. This breville vst077 is a excellent wanting little device, but is that form above functionality?. It doesn’t seem to have resolved several of the small comings of the authentic devices, the necessity for bread surgical procedures, restricted quantity of filling, and not the simplest to clear, specially welded on cheddar. It is not as adaptable as a panini press, especially for baguettes, ciabatta and other non sq. bread, and nowhere in close proximity to as fantastic as breville’s deep fill sandwich makers like the vst041 or seventy four, which also have detachable plates for less complicated cleansing.

Terrific invest in at a terrific cost does the job just suitable all the relatives like the sunday teatime now if you appreciate toasties invest in it i suggest it.

This sandwich toaster is wonderful it cooks cheese toasties truly speedily it’s so effortless to use and simple to thoroughly clean. I adore this and i’m so delighted with my invest in. I really reccomend this sandwich toaster.

Pleased with the product or service but the plastic on the latch has damaged soon after a handful of weeks of use. Is it continue to secure to use and in which do i get a replacement from.

Toasted sandwiches are one thing i delight in making as a swift snack or lunch and dependent on what you put in them, can also be pretty wholesome. This toasted sandwich maker is thus some thing which i was hunting ahead to hoping out. As most folks will be knowledgeable, there isn’t really considerably to take into account when making use of a toasted sandwich maker – turn it on, hold out for it to warmth up and then put in your selection of sandwich. This individual design is in fact pretty fast to heat up, getting about 2-three minutes and the encouraged time for toasting a sandwich is then about 4-5 minutes. Primarily based on my activities, the lower stop of this scale is adequate but i guess it finally is dependent on how perfectly toasted you like your sandwiches. The only problems which i discovered with this toasted sandwich maker are that first of all, the plates are somewhat too tiny for a common slice of bread and so, the crust on a person aspect of the bread tends to hang out the aspect of the sandwich maker and won’t get toasted. Next, it is basically fairly challenging to thoroughly clean, especially if you increase butter to your sandwiches, as the liquid excess fat spreads all around the heating plates and the engraved sample (which is the similar as any sandwich maker i have seen) on the plates makes it virtually not possible to clean fully. Whilst this toaster sandwich makers does have its troubles, i assume these are possibly dependable throughout the majority of sandwich makers and i have to say, i genuinely did enjoy the sandwiches i designed (even if i say so myself).

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Breville VST077 2-Slice Sandwich Toaster, Black
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