Elgento E14024 Electric Frying Pan : Ideal for Student

Have not bin used yet but im sure it will be good.

Good piece of kit nice size and cooks evenly highly recommend.

Good size for 4 strips of bacon. But you can see where heat is centrered in the middle. Heats up fast, so make sure you have everything ready. So far i use mine just to make bacon butties lol. Nice and compact to so good for singles.

Easy to use, once you realise that the heat pulses on and off you can stir food during the off cycle to avoid splashing with the lid off. Excellent non-stick surface. Just pour on hot water, after use, with a little washing up liquid, leave a short while then pour out and wipe clean with paper towel.

  • Fantastic for Outside Cooking
  • Elgento electric frying pan
  • It’s okay as frying pans go but only the centre

Elgento E14024 Electric Frying Pan

  • Powerful 1500 W operation and generous 30 x 30 cm cooking area, ideal for family cooking
  • Non-stick coating reduces the need for oil, for healthier cooking
  • Adjustable thermostat for easy temperature selection
  • Twin cool touch handles offer comfort and control when in use
  • Glass lid with built-in steam vent for accurate cooking, 10 years guarantee

Takes a while to get used to controlling the heat but this was a godsend when my kitchen was being refurbished and i had no oven or hob. Cleans incredibly easily – very nonstick.

Wish id bought one years ago i use it all the time worth every penny would be lost without it so easy to usedosn’t take a lot of room will be taking it with us when we go camping.

We use this on a regular basis, but the thermostat is not the best. Heard up and then cools down too much too quickly, not steady enough heat. I had one in australia that i used to death, breville or sunbeam are the best, but for some reason they’re not available in the uk/europe. Don’t think this one will last half as long as the better brands.

This item arrived on time packaged suitably and works a dream. Have used this product a few times now and have never been more satisfied with a product it’s easy to use and produces great food.

I got this for my mum who lives alone and didn’t want to get a full cooker but wanted a all in one large pan and it cooks very well. Cooks bacon and eggs fast and very well i’m able to pick them up with ease and when i cooked steak i was very impressed. The temperature control works well. Very impressed for the price.

Perfect and stylish for my new flat and so versatile. I considered buying a multi cooker but am really happy i chose this instead. I have a halogen oven and had plenty of space so this fit the bill. I don’t use a hob due to arthritis and this gives me more options than just the microwave.

Used several times already so like a lot, was delivered as requested well packed with clear instructions.

Husband (who does all the cooking) prefers it to the big round pizza pans we used to buy.

Great for frying and browning meat could be used as a “slow cooker” but you need to keep an eye on it as it boils away or stops.

Great way of cooking a quick meal.

Fantastic wok,heats up nice and quick,great heat control,perfect results every time i cook.

It does what it is supposed to do but the thermostat, once it has reached the required temperature, shuts off (as it is should) but then lets the wok cool down far too much before switching on again. . But i wouldn’t recommend this product.

This is excellent for the motorhome can cook dinner almost everything in it, a good dimensions as well.

Ordinarily i am marginally sceptical of electric pans but my god this has definitely transformed my viewpoint. The solution by itself is properly created and the directions are crystal clear and concise. It states in the directions that it will take five-10 minutes to heat totally but mine was prepared to go with a minute. Now on to the most significant component – cleaning. Now i am somewhat bone idol and i bloody loathe cleaning out pans and stuff but cleaning this thing was as straightforward as it comes. Any residue still left guiding from cooking simply just arrives off with a swipe of a sponge or cloth. Eventually, i would massively suggest this product.

Great products, applied lots of periods, straightforward adjustment to temperature and cleaning. Best for tenting and property.

This is a wonderful fryer for throwing it all in. . Temperature controlled also.

It is really ok as frying pans go but only the centre heats up and the thermostatic regulate is a bit erratic, it cools down when you are searing and want it hot and then bubbles when you want to simmer, operate of art having it to where you want it.

Just desire it did not cease start off so much.

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