George Foreman Entertaining 10-Portion Grill 23440 – : Perfect size for a family!

This is the perfect grill for home use. The plates are great, easy to clean with an paper towel after use. It gets ready fast (in like a minute or two), and there is an indicator when ready. Did everything from inch pork steak to all kinds of vegetables. Will not mistake if you buy this grill.

Really happy with this grill, easy to clean and use. My only issue is that it doesn’t drain the fat away as well as other grills i have had.

Disappointed there’s no temperature control and time charts are really not of much use.

We had the small one previously and hated it for the size as there was nothing else in the store we bought it from and just didn’t do it for the 2 of us and when grandkids came. It has a moveable/adjustable plate in the grill. You can feel/hear it as you close it. I’ve attached photos for you to look at. Given it 4 stars because it wasn’t sealed up on arrival. Just the box it came in and unsealed. Delivered by hermes so it was in good hands.

  • Cooks Really Well, Needs Propping Up to Drain Fat Properly Though
  • Healthy cooking must
  • fantastic to cook with

George Foreman Entertaining 10-Portion Grill 23440 – Black

  • Floating hinge enable cooking of extra thick food
  • Sloping grill channels fat and grease in to a separate drip tray
  • Stores vertically – so you can fit in to small areas
  • Temperature ready indicator light
  • Removes up to 42 percent of fat from food
  • Used for toasting sandwiches, paninis or more

Another great grill from george foreman ,only four stars as the only thing letting it down is it doesn’t have a programmable thermostat.

Nice easy to use grill, fast to heat up. Will only fit on 4 quarter pounder burgers at any one time and then it is a squeeze.

Great to cook with a lot cleaner.

If you are a family of at least 4 then this is a great size machine for you. This machine does work but is only manufactured with 1 built in heat setting that cannot be adjusted to cook different foods. Although it does cook the meats, it will charcoal the outer layer of the meat before it is fully cooked. You will end up throwing away a good portion of your meats if you do not like the taste of charcoal. I would have given a perfect 5 stars if this machine was designed with more than 1 heat setting.

I use these to destruction, this is my 3rd one in 20 years, only have to replace when been misused with metal utensils and that only because non stick has been scratched off with misuse. Fantastic to cook with, very little mess with no splash back like a standard frying pan,. Have used outside instead of gas bbq. Can’t recommended highly enough, use every day.

The food tastes so much better than from a regular grill. I know it sounds silly, because after all, a grills a grill, but it does. I think 10 portions might be pushing it, 6 easily, 8 possibly, but 10 would be a stretch. Regardless, it definately does what i need it to do and would recommend it to anyone.

Works great use it at least once a week. Easy to clean and i have no problems fitting the fat/oil tray.

Gets hot very quick and cooks food very well. Always wanted one and got this one at a low price. Very pleased and easy to clean.

I bought this for my daughter & partner. They held a bbq for around 25 people using this and another item instead of the traditional method of bbq’s. They love it & it worked & served the purpose brilliantly.

It’s my first george forman grill and i now use it pretty much every day. It cooks everything so quickly – both meat and veg. I wouldn’t want a smaller one – and i only normally cook for two on it. Make sure to clean it as soon as you take the food off, ie while the grill plates are still hot. That way it’s a very quick job to clean it. I love the simplicity – it’s either on or off; no other settings. It seems to cook everything well, even if i have quite a variety of different types of things on it, eg chicken, pork, mushrooms, tomatoes, courgettes.

My last one was worn out after 5 years of daily use. Use this more than my cooker. Easy to use, food cooks to perfection.

Hard to clean but worth the 35 pounds spent.

Cooks our foodstuff just as we like it and the measurement enables me to total all at as soon as which means no-a single is ready.

Most effective point i have purchased for the kitchen area in ages.

Is effective seriously effectively and heats up faster than final one. On the other hand there is only one location, whereas former a person had three options. This hasn’t been a issue so considerably, and i am delighted it is effective more rapidly , i just have to keep an eye on it.

. Pretty helpful household size grill.

Arrived immediately and does precisely what it states ,have acquired this type a lot of periods in excess of the many years,will save a lot of mess on the oven grill as you cook the two sides at as soon as, and cleans effortlessly hugely recomend.

Awesome big grill, straightforward to cleanse, the drip tray isnt the least difficult to place again in, the major half feels free but i believe this is section of the design and style as will regulate for many dimensions of meat. Heats up fast and cooks properly.

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George Foreman Entertaining 10-Portion Grill 23440 - Black
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