KitchenCraft Artesà Marble Hot Stone Grill : it remains hot and is cooked exactly as you like. I sear on the pan first then transfer

Great for entertaining friends and family. Nice way to sit and enjoy a meal together.

Love these great dinner party equipment.

Works just fine, some complaints on here but it’s not made to cook a whole steak. I sear them in a hot pan, then slice to about an inch thick and it works great. Lovely family experience sitting around the table cooking. I’ve been using the gel packs from millets, they work fine in the burners. 50 a pack and that will do 2 sittings.

Tried steak cooked on hot stones in a london restaurant and it was fun as well as tasty, so looked online for a home use version. Some of the sets available were mega-expensive, and as this was something my wife and i were only likely to use as a treat from time to time, this set looked like a decent way to have steak cooked in a fun way at home, without breaking the bank. If the set turned out to be hopeless, at least we never wasted a fortune. Happy to report, it’s been far from hopeless. Is it as good-looking or posh as some of the sets available?. Is it great for a couple like us to enjoy really nice steak and a glass of red wine in a different and fun way?. When purchasing the set, we also purchased a pack of gel burners, and a pair of silicone oven gloves. We were using crappy old cloth oven gloves anyway, so investing in a set of silicone ones has on its own been a great buy.

  • hot stones in a London restaurant and it was fun as well as tasty
  • it remains hot and is cooked exactly as you like. I sear on the pan first then transfer
  • Impressive presentation. Great service.

KitchenCraft Artesà Marble Hot Stone Grill, 41.5 x 22 x 15 cm (16.5″ x 8.5″ x 6″)

  • Bring the grilling to the dining table – along with the mouth-watering aromas that come with it – using this handsome hot stone grill
  • The perfect dinner party centrepiece. Sizzle seasoned steak, fish or crunchy vegetables, and let guests cook to their hearts’ content
  • Simply heat the stone in the oven, then use the gel burners to maintain the heat. It’s made of robust marble that stays sizzlingly hot
  • Enjoy fresh grilled food without the guilt. This healthy grill needs no extra oil, and drains fatty juices with its border channels
  • Makes a fine gift for any foodie or keen party host. It comes in a smart Artesà gift box, with full instructions and a 5 year guarantee

For the one who gets a kick from novelty cooking, i reckon it’s a great little gift. I haven’t presented it yet and i haven’t seen it in operation however, i hope to soon. As i said, it looks like a well made item and the packaging is top of the pops. Ideal for the one who only goes into chef mode at a hot stone steakhouse.

But if a faff but for special occasions there is no nicer steak as it remains hot and is cooked exactly as you like. I sear on the pan first then transfer to hot stone.

Looks really nice, would have liked the base unit in black wood but hey ho, note for everyone the marble when put in the oven on high heat will get hot very very hot, use special heat gloves, also it will only heat to the the temperature that u leave it on, want it hot put it on highest for 1-2 hrs and just before u get out put the small heaters on and have ready to put under once you have managed to put the marble on the rack then put under. This comes packaged very well. The only down part is you don’t get any fuel with this so remember to buy also.

Product is fine but last time i got a similar stone it was fuelled by meths burners, here we are told to use “chafing fuel gel cartridges”, never heard of them , eventually got some i saw were “often bought” with this stone, but they were too big. It would be good to know the “spec” for the fuel cans/cartridges, &/or where to get them.

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KitchenCraft Artesà Marble Hot Stone Grill, 41.5 x 22 x 15 cm (16.5" x 8.5" x 6")
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