Morphy Richards Microwave Cookware MICO Toasted Sandwich Maker 511647 MICO Microwave Cookware Toastie Maker : An easy to use and clean toasted sandwich maker.

This is an interesting product but it actually works-the metal is totally enclosed within the plastic so if you have just a micro in the summer, and turn off your range, its a perfect bacon toasted sandwich maker for those none range days.

When the electric sandwich toaster broke we thought we would try this one. Of course we had doubts can a microwave toaster give nice crisp toastie?. The answer is yesthis a nice neat size and simple to use with clear straightforward instructions. The ceramic plates give a nice crisp finish to the toasties whether you like lightly browned or well done the timings give light to well done for all wattage of microwaves. The principle is simple open the unit put one slice of bread, buttered side down on the bottom plate put in you filling of choice (be careful of too runny fillings. We found that avoiding liquids is best if using for instance beans drain off juice) then place second slice buttered side up and place top section on top and lock clasps. Don’t forget to flip it over at half time of the cooking for an even toast. The unit is easy to clean with hot water and ready for use again. We have made loads of sandwiches with this and really like it.

I suppose the most important thing here is that this gizmo does make a decent toasted sandwich. I must admit, i don’t quite understand the science behind how it’s now ok to put metal into a microwave, so long as it’s wrapped up in silicon. This costs a lot more than a ‘normal’ toasted sandwich maker; a ‘proper’ sandwich maker has the option for more than a single sandwich, and it does the job more quickly. So all in all, i’m left wondering why someone thought this thing was such a great idea. I was given this free for review purposes. Now that i’ve reviewed it, i don’t imagine i’ll ever use it, and it’s certainly not something i’d actually buy. Good if you like sandwiches and want a talking point, perhaps.

I was somewhat doubtful that this would work, not actually being a fan of microwave cooking. It arrived nicely boxed and feels like a good quality product – quite heavy, with metal inners, and nicely finished. It functions in exactly the same way as an electric sandwich toaster but is coated in silicone so that it is microwave-safe. The only difference between this and conventional cooking is that you turn the toaster over halfway through to ensure even cooking. My sandwich came out perfectly toasted – great result. This is a bit easier to clean than my conventional sandwich toaster as you can put it in the dishwasher. Not good for families as you can only do one sandwich at a time, but would be excellent to take to the office. The only reason i have not given it five stars is because of the price, which is a little high compared with conventional sandwich toasters.

  • Turn your microwave into a sandwich toaster
  • It arrived nicely boxed and feels like a good quality product –
  • An easy to use and clean toasted sandwich maker.

Morphy Richards Microwave Cookware MICO Toasted Sandwich Maker 511647 MICO Microwave Cookware Toastie Maker

  • Make a delicious toastie in under 5 minutes, cooked to perfection
  • Heatwave technology to deliver homemade taste from a microwave
  • Cool-touch silicone outer for easy and safe use
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

I was a little skeptical of this product. Microwaves don’t do metalthe idea here is pretty simple – you make a sandwich (cheese works great) in this device, close the sides and then put it in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes, flip it and then do another 2 1/2 minutes. The result is a remarkably good toasted cheese sandwich. I do find myself having a few reservations. – it’s quite bulky and expensive for a single 2 slice sandwich. – what’s wrong with a normal toastie maker?. In fairness, i like the fact that this product separates into 6 parts (3 from the top and 3 at the bottom) and it all goes in the microwave- i actually think the sandwich space is slightly too big. It’s definitely bigger than a standard toastie maker so unless you are using big square slices of bread it may not work so well.

I enjoy toasted sandwiches but the faff and mess of the process behind the scenes often means i don’t have one, so i was interested to see whether this made the process any more palatable. For me, unfortunately it doesn’t. The unit is robustly constructed and features two plates with a cutting edge running down the middle, which clip together and then toast your sandwich. Each piece of bread is buttered on the outside as usual and a reasonable amount of filling can be accommodated. All good so far, so this is what has led to my three star rating:* toasting takes between roughly 3 and 6 minutes depending on your microwave power and the extent of browning desired. That’s just for one sandwich when normally a sandwich maker allows you to do two at a time, so this doesn’t offer much in the way of time saving unless you only tend to cook one sandwich. * instructions state it needs a 10 minute cool down after 4 repeated uses and that it shouldn’t be used for more than 10 minutes continuously. I am unsure of the relationship between 4 uses (24 minutes potential time in the microwave) and the 10 minute limit for safe use. It is an interesting idea and one that may be of interest if you cook just one sandwich but if, like me, you tend to do a couple, a conventional sandwich toaster that allows two or more to be cooked at a time will probably remain more attractive and take less time.

This product actually does make a reasonable cheese toasty – using microwave – yes a microwave. It has two metal toasting plates encased with lots of silicone and plastic. It worked, even in on a flat bed inverter microwave. Assemble the toasty like in a conventional cheese toasty, according to the instructions supplied, clip it all together and put in the microwave, turning over half way. You will need oven gloves as the thing is quite hot after it has been cooking. Then out comes a nice crispy and hot toasted cheese sandwich (see photo of a sandwich made with wholemeal bread and on lightly toasted setting). You can experiment all you like with fillings for your sandwiches and the great thing is that everything can be washed unlike normal electric toasty makers (just make sure that dissemble everything and dry it well before reassembling). The only difficulty i found with this product is that it is a little stiff to disassemble for cleaning and then to reassembling the product.

This is a clever idea – making toasted sandwiches in the microwave. The inner metal plates are exactly the same as those in a traditional sandwich toaster but they’re wrapped in silicone to get round the metal/microwave thing. Just put your sandwich in as normal then put in the microwave for anything up to about 5-6 mins depending on your choice of brownness and microwave power – you flip the whole thing over halfway through i. The toastie comes out perfectly and the wipe-clean plates are a doddle to clean. Handy at home, this would also be good in an office kitchen with a microwave (assuming you can trust your colleagues to clean it after use). The only slight drawback is the price: at thirty pounds this is about double the cost of a sandwich toaster. Oh, and note that because of the diagonal cut of the plates, you can’t really do paninis or similar.

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