Norpro 8.75-Inch Round Cast Iron Grill Press, The finish on the underside is quite coarse & not

Wonderful, how did i ever live devoid of one particular. Am likely to get 1 each and every for my small children for xmas this yr.

No much more curly bacon and also a fantastic steak press. I’ve also employed it to toast pitta in a dry pan – it won’t puff up, but it does toast good and evenly.

Had smaller one originally but this one handles extra bacon.

Key specs for Norpro 8.75-Inch Round Cast Iron Grill Press:

  • Measures: 3.5 x 9 x 9 inches/9 x 23 x 23 cm
  • Bacon can curl, making it hard to cook evenly. Cast iron bacon press flattens the bacon, and other foods, keeping shape for even cooking
  • Equipped with stay cool wood handle
  • To speed up the process, pre-heat the press
  • Hand wash, rinse and dry – never soak cast iron

Comments from buyers

“Perfect for cheese toasties, The finish on the underside is quite coarse & not , Simple but effective”

I’ve employed this when cooking steaks and it can be been great. I heat it up in the frying pan, and when the press reaches above 100’c and the pan above 200’c (i have a laser thermometer to check the temperature) it really is prepared to pop the steak in the pan and this press on best. It allows sear the leading of the steak so any marinade stays set, and aids safeguard you from any excess fat spitting. Turn the steak over immediately after a couple of minutes. Like any iron merchandise, you have to take care of it with respect. Prompt washing in incredibly incredibly hot soapy h2o right after use, thorough rinsing and drying, then a mild oiling of all the iron, will assist keep it like new for a extensive time. I use a silicone brush and rice bran oil (really superior smoke stage) to address this.

This one thing you never require in your kitchen, but if you have it and use it then you will possibly like it. Uncovered it to be ideal with meat and i make great steaks with it. I haven’t had great ordeals with panini, so i just stick with meat. Also definitely reduces the quantity of oil splatters.

The finish on the underside is fairly coarse & not the smoothest of cast iron surfaces to perform with which will make for extra complicated seasoning to reduce meals sticking to it. Wooden handle also was break up.

First discovered this product or service in the united states of america a fwe months back but did not buy at the time due to the fact of excess weight limits on flight and believing i would locate 1 in the united kingdom. Bought blank stares in kitchen stores but located it at amazon. I really don’t know in which it started its journey (remaining postmark was belgium or holland – i neglect which) but it achieved me in much less than a week from my order. Crispy bacon and burgers have under no circumstances tasted so very good (i haven’t tried out it on steak still but i’m absolutely sure it will be just as successful). It is well produced and will likely outlast me – but don’t drop it on the tiled kitchen area flooring. My thanks to all who played their portion in improving my breakfast knowledge.

All round, i like this this and does specifically what it must do whilst if it was heavier it would be even superior. The only problem is when it will get warm after a bit use, the steel edges exactly where the wood manage finishes, i have a few of moments burnt my hand a little as even though gripping the deal with, there is not considerably space in advance of your hand could contact the best of the metal guidance.

It really is terrific ,does what it states ,awesome bodyweight ,great measurement and honest cost.

Excellent for toasted sandwiches and crispy bacon.

Mine was pre-seasoned and i just rinsed it and applied it on my round le creuset grillit panb00006i4zcwhich it fits flawlessly with about half an inch to spare all round. It is very wonderful good quality through and the wooden cope with can be eliminated if you require to re-year the press. Bacon cooks significantly more quickly and is crispier.

Great huge surface area region bacon/steak press that will make absolutely sure your pan has even weight distribution in a person go. Far more expensive than some but effectively worthy of it for the high quality.

As expected but came to late for its meant use.

I acquired this to use for burgers and paninis. Largely we have made cheese toasties utilizing usual sliced bread, and it will work a deal with. I just place the press in a frying pan, with a very little oil, over a low heat, make up the sandwich, put in the frying pan with the heated press on major and within minutes it really is done. No much more melted toaster luggage, burnt bread and even now cold tough cheese. The press confirmed up 2 weeks or so immediately after i experienced made the order.

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