OneConcept Twist & Grill Vertical Grill • Kebap Grill • Rotisserie • 1400W • Even Roasting – Meat Glorious Meat Fast cooking and easy to use

For the rate, an superb addition to the kitchen and a helpful dimensions for small kitchens. The leading bracket and information plate are a tiny little bit flimsy but do the occupation. Remaining vertical, sometimes foods products may slide down the skewers but in general, it cooks rooster, beef and pork quite perfectly and i recommend it to any person thinking of nuying just one.

Pretty easy to set up and use, has made some very good lamb and hen. Not nonetheless made use of the more compact skewers so can not remark.

This item arrived perfectly packaged in the common three packing containers from chal-tec. Inspite of the unnecessary containers, it was well packaged and fairly easy to established up. The directions ended up quick even so ended up not difficult to fully grasp and observe, the set up was easy and took a couple minutes to get it all up and functioning. To start with, this merchandise feels extremely significant good quality, the metallic is genuine and feels sturdy, the heating filament warms up rapidly (max warmth in less than a minute) and kicks out a lot of warmth. This indicates foodstuff cooks fairly rapidly, but also very evenly because of to the turning function, which rotates both of those the main skewer and the six scaled-down kinds to cook on all sides. Secondly, i would not advocate utilizing this when youngsters are ready to get wherever in close proximity to it, the heating filament is uncovered and is not hard to touch, specially for an inquisitive kid. This qualified prospects me on to my future point, there is no circumstance all-around the grill, like i have seen on some other products. This would support to improve safety as i just outlined, but also noticeably lessen the wasted strength. This appears like it does more heating the space than the food itself as the heat is not contained at all and dissipates. Also, another enhancement would be that there is no variation of ability or spin.Here are the specifications for the OneConcept Twist & Grill Vertical Grill • Kebap Grill • Rotisserie • 1400W • Even Roasting:

  • VERTICAL KEBAP GRILL: for grilling of meat, fish or vegetable skewers | Powerful grill with 1400 W | Even roasting with  360° rotation
  • FEATURES: Rotating main or six skewers | Includes a drip tray for easy cleaning
  • ADJUSTABLE: On/off switch on the right side of the device | Partly dismountable construction | Dishwasher-safe stainless steel parts: skeweres, reflectors, grease drip tray
  • DO YOU HAVE TO THROW AN UNFORGETTABLE PARTY? Do you want a healthy component to your fast food? Do you need to spice individually or together kebab andshish kebab whener you feel like it? With the  oneConcept Twist & Grill  vertical grill , you will fulfill all of your desires.
  • PRACTICAL: The Twist & Grill rotisserie grill from  oneConcept  is there in every kitchen space to enthrall family, friends and of course the grill master themself with a low fat Kebap or browned crispy grilled food. Both on the main axis and the six separate skewers rotates personally created combinations of meat, fish and vegetables in the 1400 W grill until guests and hosts find themseves beyond satisfied. Creativity knows no bounds when preparing and seasoning kebabs.

 checkout our total critique in the online video.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very happy with this grill
  • Great grill, but could be improved
  • Meat Glorious Meat Fast cooking and easy to use

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oneConcept Twist & Grill Vertical Grill • Kebap Grill • Rotisserie • 1400W • Even Roasting with 360 ° Rotation • For Grilling Meat Fish or Vegetables • Drip Tray for Easy Cleaning Included • Rotating Main or Six Skewers • Stainless Steel • Black
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