Swan SIH201 Digital Induction Hob : The future of Hobs!

Came today sunday 10th july 2016. The hob itself is very light weight and the power supply wire is also at the right length. As i’ve turned it on and placed pans on to the hob it kept coming up with an error code ‘eo’. After reading instructions noticed the hob only recognises certain pans and pots of certain material and the base of the pans have to be flat. All the pot & pans i had kept coming up with an error. I like the features on this with hob which comes with a timer and locking device and obviously it’s portable. That’s the only fault i found but for £20 it was a bargain.

Excellent product, recommend to anyone.

Never used brought on impulse , the box looks good.

Heat control is not best, would be more acceptable with selection control rather than a sliding control.

  • Easy to use and very responsive. Highly recommended
  • Good product, but noisy and lack fine control at lower temps
  • The future of Hobs!

Swan SIH201 Digital Induction Hob with Electric Ceramic Heating Plate and Touch Screen Control, 2kW, Black

  • Lightweight and portable, this is a great addition for caravans, student accommodation, small and cramped kitchens and perfect when catering for large parties!
  • With easy to use touch slide control, 1-10 power/temperature settings and 3 hour programmable timer, it allows instant control of cooking energy to your preference.
  • Fast, energy efficient and safer than traditional hobs with a voltage 220 – 240v and frequency 50Hz and electronic overheating protection
  • Toughened Black Ceramic plate size 285x285mm. Suitable for use with induction pans only
  • 2 Year Warranty Included.

This is my first induction hob and i was initially very impressed. Great for rapidly heating anything and very quick response time to changes of temp settings. How ever i then realised that was just induction in general. This product has a noisy fan, noisy buttons and far too little control in the lower end. If you want to simmer there is no setting just right. The lowest is 500w and 60 degrees. This will keep food warm only. If you adjust either the power or the temp up just 1 setting, the increase is so dramatic food will burn within a few mins. Anything above that will require constant stirring. Aside from that complaint about lower temps and noise, it’s great for high temps and it looks great.

Excellent hob and easy to use once you get used to its rapid cooking capabilities.

Best thing since sliced bread . So good that i have bought 3 of these swan induction hobs. Once you get used to the intuitive touch screen control system the are a breese to use. They heat up and cool down as quickly as a gas hob, and are far more responsive than any other electric hob type. You can set the temperature you wish to cook with, and if required the length of time. When the time is up the heat will turn off, and it will ping you to tell you it is done. This is fantastic if you with to simmer unattended, so yyou don’t have to keep an eye on it, you can just get on with something else. It has a child lock which you can set if required or you can do what i do and just switch it off at the socket when not in use. Like any other hob type you can also cook by setting the power level which has 8 settings from low to high. Since having these hobs i have not spoilt any non-stick pans as temp control 100 degrees to 160 degrees accurate and is more than sufficiant.

Induction is clearly the future of hobs. Super fast to heat, easy to control the temperature and safe as it won’t heat non metal objects.

I was a bit cautious about buying an induction hob, so thought i’d try this first. Overall i am very impressed. It is simple to use – literally turn it on, press the function button once and its starts immediately. It starts at a default setting of about medium heat, which can be adjusted easily by sliding your finger along the led scale. You can set power, temperature or time and combinations of them. It boils water incredibly fast. It also detects very effectively whether there is a pan on the hob – or a non-induction pan – and prevents the heat turning on. And this is part of the real advantage of these hobs – they are safe and don’t get dangerously hot. Of course the pan gets hot and that transfers some heat back to the hob. So don’t expect it to stay completely cool – but its much cooler than a conventional hob.

I bought this job when it was on offer 4 weeks ago. It’s only when you try the almost instantaneous touch controls then you can see the results. You can set the timer and power but mainly i use the temperature setting. You can put cold water in a pan on the job set 100c and in seconds you have boiling water. What a revelation, no more taking the pan on and off the ceramic hob when the pan boils over and you have to juggle pans and workspace until it finally drops.

Just the job for hob cooking.

Ideal for what we wanted, works well.

I don’t like the timer function where you can only set timings for every 5 mins, i. . It is impossible to set the timer for 6, 7, 8, 9 mins or anything between 10, 15, 20.

You need quality induction pans though.

Induction hob are indeed a new technology but i believe it still need to evolve a bit to be usable. I bought this just to see how good they are but misses is planning to revert back to ceramic hob. Issues so far:- will burn your food from the bottom while the upper section/ area is still under cook.

Not bad but it’s very unpredictable. The low settings are even quite high, very difficult to regulate. Not bad for the price though.

I like induction hobs ,this the warmth has a head of its possess ?.

Extremely very good product or service and easy to use.

Appreciate it finding employed to slidingcontrols.

Bewildered my spouse at very first, but does the occupation effectively.

Useful to have as an excess hob or when your gas bottle runs out if you might be on lpg like me.

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Swan SIH201 Digital Induction Hob with Electric Ceramic Heating Plate and Touch Screen Control, 2kW, Black
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